New items at the Tales of Shops and Namja Town! 

Sadly, there are no official images of the coasters or mouse pads (aside from the Twitter ones above) and they released on November 1st without much prior warning. I was fortunate enough to run across them accidentally a week back, but some are now sold out in the Akihabara Shop. If you’re planning a trip to Japan and want to hunt them down, there’s a possibility they’re still available in the Nipponbashi or Fukuoka shops. (The Namja Town event ends November 10)

The Kotobukiya blog and Tales Twitter pages don’t even mention the lineup, and since I only purchased the Abyss related coaster sets, I can’t tell you the full lineup for sets A and D. But here’s what I could figure out: 

Coaster Sets - 420 yen each or 2520 for a full set 

  • Set A: Yuri, Hubert, 
  • Set B: Luke (long hair), Alvin, Kratos, Milla, Colette sold out in Akiba
  • Set C: Ludgar, Asch, Emil (Ratatosk mode), Tear, Rita
  • Set D: Asbel,  Flynn, 
  • Set E: Lloyd, Luke (short hair), Stahn, Julius, Cheria
  • Set F: Leon, Emil, Jude, Guy, Estelle
  • Full set of 30 plus bonus Lulu coaster sold out in Akiba

Characters also included in Set A or D: Zelos, Milla Maxwell, Sophie, Elle, Marta, and Richter

Mousepads - 525 each

  • Stahn and Leon
  • Luke (long hair) and Guy
  • Luke (short hair) and Tear
  • Yuri and Flynn
  • Estelle and Rita
  • Asbel and Sophie
  • Ludgar and Julius
  • Jude and Milla Maxwell
  • Elle and Milla
  • Lloyd and Colette
  • Zelos and Kratos
  • Emil and Marta

Tales of Xillia 2 2014 Calendar  1,680 yen each

Tales of Symphonia T-Shirts 3,150 each

Tales of Xillia 2 Lulu and Teepo Candy - 525 each (10 pieces in a pack)

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