Redrawing the Abyss - #2

This is a little project I’m experimenting with where I basically take scenes from the Tales of the Abyss anime and redraw them in a more Tales-like style. As much as I appreciate that Abyss got a full 26-episode anime versus an OVA, I can’t say that I was terribly satisfied with the style and color changes they made to the characters. 

  • Since the background and (some)poses aren’t original, I probably won’t be uploading them on any art sites. This is just for my own enjoyment (and hopefully some of yours!). 

This picture of Asch and Natalia is from episode 9. It’s the scene where Asch saves Natalia in Ortion Cavern. It’s slightly different in the game, but the dialogue is basically the same. 

  • Natalia: Uh… umm…. Thank you.
  • Asch: …I remember the last time I caught you like that. 
  • Natalia: Yes! I wanted to sneak out of the castle, so I jumped from a window…

( I might’ve made it slightly cuter. >v>; Don’t hurt me, I just love these two! )

Major Changes

  • The biggest changes are in Natalia, of course! Her head, hair, face/expression were completely different than the original
  • Natalia’s right hand is entirely different as well
  • Natalia’s ruffles
  • Asch’s face, from his eyes to his chin
  • Asch’s bangs
  • Asch’s hair length (it’s actually shorter in the game than the anime)
  • Asch’s body position and left arm
  • All the colors
  • The background is the same, but I had to fix it in spots where anime!Asch and Natalia were peaking out

If you have any requests for Abyss anime scenes you’d like to see redrawn in the Tales style, send them my way! I can’t promise I’ll do them all, but I’ll try to do what I can. - -b

I have some character requests already, but I’d really like specific scenes from the anime, if you have any!

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